Acclinate Unveils Elevated NOWINCLUDED.COM to Empower Black Health and Wellness Nationwide


[Birmingham, AL — November 6, 2023] — Acclinate proudly announces the relaunch of NOWINCLUDED.COM, a groundbreaking digital platform dedicated to amplifying Black voices in health and creating safe, inclusive spaces both online and in communities across the nation.

Following three years of steadfast commitment to advocating for the health needs and lived experiences of Black Americans, NOWINCLUDED has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment. “Black health matters,” says Shayla Wilson, Head of Community and Digital Engagement for Acclinate. “Our mission with NOWINCLUDED is to set a new standard, one where wellness and healthcare equity are not just ideals, but everyday realities.”

The initiative began its journey in Alabama and has since expanded its reach, activating communities in Detroit, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston. The goal for the near future is ambitious, yet clear – to activate Houston, Raleigh, Dallas, and potentially Chicago before year’s end.

NOWINCLUDED’s revamped website is more than just a digital platform; it’s the hub for a movement that prioritizes the health of Black communities, providing resources, fostering dialogue, and enhancing accessibility to health education and services. The redesign of NOWINCLUDED.COM streamlines the experience, allowing visitors to engage with valuable content, connect with health experts, and participate in events seamlessly, bridging the gap between online interaction and in-person involvement.

“We’ve listened to the voices of our community members,” Shayla emphasizes. “Their insights have been instrumental in shaping a digital space that not only meets their needs but also celebrates their stories.”

Acclinate invites members of the media, health advocates, and the community at large to explore the new NOWINCLUDED.COM. The site’s enhanced features, coupled with a robust schedule of community events, signal a bright future for Black health advocacy and support.

Join us. Be included. And witness the power of a community united for its health.

Last modified: December 3, 2023